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Friday, 18 November 2016

Targeting Geo-Location Keywords

Targeting Geo Location Keywords

Majority of the people sucks at this point that from where to start blogging or where to take a start, well this is indeed the most important part of the SEO/Blogging. In this post i will tell you how to target huge and best traffic for your specified niche/keyword, targeting geo location keywords is the most important part. Suppose, your keyword is "BEST SEO SERVICES IN INDIA" and you have bought a .com (TLD) domain and posting your content and making huge links still don't getting traffic? Yes all efforts are being wasted!

Selecting Best Searched Keywords By Country

Before starting a blog or website a proper keyword research is needed, as we know Google AdWords has stopped showing exact searches per month of any keyword, but still there are a lot of tools that tells us even more details about a keyword or a topic. Tools we can use for proper targeting Geo-Location Keywords are:
  • Ahrefs (Recommended)

  • Semrush

  • Keyword Revealer

  • Keyword Everywhere (Plugin for Firefox, used to get exact CPC and exact searches all over the world)

Keyword Research

So, you are at this point trying to find a keyword to start a newly point blog or website, to get your best you should select the best keyword for getting good traffic that increases your earnings with Ads Networks or that increases your Affiliate sales. You must be having some ideas of some niches and keywords before starting, for example like i have some ideas in my mind: (Niche: Mobile Application / Keyword: Download Whatsapp For PC). I have my keyword in my mind so what to do next.

  • Go to Register yourself there or login to your account if you already have one. (Note: No need to have a premium account for this research)

  • On the top menu bar click on the new Keyword Explorer 2.0.

  • Add your keyword there (I would prefer one at a time for proper research).

  • Choose your Location (By default its: US), and then click on Explore!

  • After that, you will get a page opened full of information about that keyword. I will describe every single step of that don't worry! You will get a screen like this.

  • Woah! Well done Ahrefs. It has gathered to us all the information about that keyword. Ok, lets talk about this page step by step. Firstly, on the top left hand side you can see a difficulty meter, this is something you should consider very important. It tells us that how difficult is to rank for that specified keywords on a scale of 0 to 100 with a little line below it telling us how much backlinks we need or we should make to make our site rank in top 10 Google Search Results. Like in this one it is telling us that "You'll need backlinks from ~81 domains to rank on first ten results" That doesn't mean you just make 81 backlinks on different domains and you get ranked. Its not that easy, Backlink Profile and strategy are another important step to be considered. We will talk about this step in our next guide. Let's come back to the topic, so on the keyword competitiveness meter, for a new blog or website i would suggest to go with a keyword with difficulty level less than 45, that will need less backlinks and efforts to get ranked.

  • Okay, so after that below that meter, we can see it is telling us that this keyword is from the parent category which is : WhatsApp. On its right it is telling us the exact volume this parent category has in this country monthly. And how much traffic should be expected after ranking at the top of this keyword in the Search Engine.

  • Below this, you can see Keyword Ideas, this is also a important thing for our next step after content, for keeping our backlink profile natural, we should make links with vary anchor texts, we can use these keywords in the keywords ideas box as our anchor text to rank for the main targeted keyword, these keywords will help us a lot in ranking our main keyword. On its right, there are some more keyword suggestions if you want you can use them also (i actually don't see them much.)

  • Okay, so coming again to the top on the right of the keyword competition meter, we have another column which is telling us the exact keyword searches per month in that country with clicks (Organic traffic) or without clicks. After that you can see a box for paid advertisement traffic and organic traffic scale.

  • You can see that this keyword have 6,500 searches monthly from United States of America. And on the right most corner it shows us that this keyword have most of the traffic coming from India. Have a look again.

  • Umm, thats nice now we know that we should rank it on Google India to get the most traffic from this keyword. You can also choose some group keywords along with your main keyword to get more traffic from this topic.

Choosing Best Domain For Your Geo Location Targeted Traffic

For this keyword, i will buy a .in or TLD domain becuase i want to rank it for the country India. Choosing the best TLD for your domain to get the targeted traffic matters a lot. Remember keyword research can make you or can break you. By default, Geo-Location for .in or domains is India. But, what if you have bought a domain with (.com, .net or .org TLD?). Don't worry you for these organic TLDs you can always select a Geo Targeted Location for your website to rank for. While submitting your domain in Google Webmasters to get your site index. There, you can choose specific GEO-Location for your website. Google will change your website ranking to that selected country.

So People, Hope this will help new Bloggers and SEOs in many ways! Bookmark this page, Remember Targeting Geo Location Keywords matters a lot it can give you a good bunch of traffic or it can give you 0 traffic even after get ranked. Stay Tuned for more guides. If you like this guide please do share this with your friends and give a feedback to make it more perfect.
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